Reactions of the Rest of the Family

As expectant parents, you perhaps thought that the baby soon to be born would be all yours, alone. Not quite so, as you probably found out. If you have other children, they share proprietorship with you; they are, after all, of the same generation as their new sibling. When they all get older, you may have the feeling, as some parents do, that it’s “them against us.” Your own two sets of parents, and perhaps your grandparents as well, have a vested interest in your child, they are his ancestors. They probably feel qualified and perhaps duty-bound, to advise you about every aspect of your baby. Many other people will also speak to you about “our baby” and offer advice. Anyone that knows you and cares for you felt like a participant throughout the pregnancy and will continue to do so during the rearing of your child, including aunts, uncles, and cousins; old and new friends; neighbors; colleagues of work; and probably the checkout clerk at the supermarket and the teller at the bank. You even share your baby with your pet, whose function in life now is to be the companion and protector of the child.

Preparing Your Children for the New Baby

Ideally, you’d tell your toddler or preschooler that you are expecting a baby only a short time before your due date, because with his or her undeveloped concept of time, six months or more is too long to wait. However, you don’t want the child to hear from someone else, so you’ll probably share it about the time you’re telling everyone. For a young child, try to tie the coming birth with something other than a specific date: “about the time of your own birthday” or “when the leaves on the trees are getting green.” Older children who can handle the time lag can be told earlier, and a teenager can be told very soon after you know for sure yourself. Being first to know, even before Grandma, will give this older child the adult status that builds self esteem. Just don’t tell a child of any age until you’re ready for the whole world to now. That kind of secret is impossible to keep.

The ages of your children will also determine to a large extent how you answer the questions about reproduction which will inevitably follow your announcement. The most important thing to remember is to give a child only the amount of information he or she actually asks for and can handle. A toddler, for example, probably wants only to know and can take in no more than that “the baby is growing in a special place inside mommy and will come out when it’s big enough.” A bright preschooler or school age child is likely to insist on knowing all the details of the baby’s life “in there.” If you have a pre-teen or a teenager, your pregnancy gives you the golden opportunity to pass on something of your value system as you candidly discuss human sexuality, reproduction, and family life. With children of any age, use the correct terminology for body parts and functions. Any shyness or embarrassment you may feel about speaking frankly will wear off with repetition, and you will be doing your child a favor, because he or she won’t have to relearn the words. You may find it helpful to draw upon the vast number of excellent books available for parents and children on the subject of reproduction [and for little kids, what it’s like to have a baby brother or sister], many of which are designed to be read together. Your librarian or bookstore clerk can lead you to the best of what’s available. Be willing to answer questions whenever they’re asked. With young children, don’t be surprised to if you must repeat your answers several times.

Prenatal Screening

The majority of mothers over the age of 35 who become pregnant can expect a normal pregnancy and a healthy baby. However, older mothers are at greater risk of developing complications. For that reason, an older mother is screened to detect these at an early stage. Older mothers are also at higher risk of having a baby with disabilities, so most are eager to take advantage of the screening tests available.
There can hardly be a mother who has not worried at some time in her pregnancy whether her baby will be normal, and this may be particularly true for the older mother. Fortunately, a number of screening tests are now offered to women at higher risk of having a baby with severe problems. These tests can be very important in easing the parents’ worries. In cases where an abnormality is shown, the screening enables them to decide whether or not to proceed with a pregnancy. However, it is important to remember that not all abnormalities can be detected in pregnancy and that accidents at birth can also lead to disabilities. The tests eliminate certain problems but do not guarantee the “perfect baby.”

How the Baby Develops

A human embryo is more or less completely formed by the end of the twelfth week of pregnancy. After this time it simply has to grow in size and its organs have to mature to make it capable of living outside the womb. All the major developments take place in the early weeks of pregnancy, which is why it is especially important to look after yourself before you even know you are pregnant. The baby’s spinal column, for example, begins to form in the fifth week of pregnancy. You are likely at this stage to realize that your period is late, but have not had the pregnancy confirmed. In the sixth week arm and leg buds are formed. In the seventh week the beginnings of the fingers and toes are visible and dramatic changes are occurring to the head and face. In the ninth week the nose and mouth take shape. By the eleventh week the genitals are formed, and all the internal organs are functioning.
Abnormalities in a baby are usually caused by genetic problems or by an environmental influence, such as poor diet, the use of drugs in early pregnancy or by hazards in the workplace, such as toxic chemicals or radiation. Genetic problems fall into two categories: those caused by either or both parents carrying a faulty gene, or those that occur when the sperm or egg are formed. In the second case, the formation involves an extra chromosome or part of a chromosome being included in the fertilized egg.

Pregnant at Last

Women who have spent some time considering pregnancy in general want to make sure they are in the best health and have done everything possible to ensure they have a healthy child. Older women in particular may be anxious to do everything they can to offset the possible risks involved in being an older mother. You can take practical steps in advance to prepare yourself for the healthiest possible pregnancy.

It’s important to check that you are immune to rubella (German measles) before you start trying to conceive. Catching this disease, particularly in the first months of pregnancy, causes severe disabilities in the child or a miscarriage. If you are not immune, you can be vaccinated against rubella before you conceive. It is also a good idea to check whether you may be carrying a sexually transmitted disease. Hard-to-diagnose infections such as Chlamydia, Gardnerella and Mycoplasmas may be implicated in miscarriage and premature delivery. Blood tests for viruses such as cytomegalovirus, which can cause abnormalities in the baby, may also be worthwhile.

Stopping Contraception

If you have been relying on an IUD, you will need to have it removed by a doctor before you conceive. As soon as an IUD is removed, you can get pregnant. If you get pregnant by chance with an IUD in place, it does carry risks for mother and baby. You are more likely to have an ectopic pregnancy-a pregnancy that occurs outside the womb, usually in the Fallopian tubes-and there is a high risk of miscarriage. As many as 60% of such pregnancies end before term. The miscarriages are more likely to occur in the second three months of pregnancy. IUDs are usually removed while you have a period, because the cervix is slightly dilated then and this aids removal.

If you have been taking the Pill, stop taking it two or three months before you wish to conceive. You can use a barrier method, such as the condom or diaphragm, or natural family planning (rhythm method) during this time. (But be aware you are unlikely to use natural family planning effectively if you have not spent some time learning the technique and observing your menstrual cycle.) Studies have shown that women who took the Pill inadvertently in early pregnancy have only a very slight extra risk of having an abnormal pregnancy or a child with disabilities. Those who conceive as soon as they stop taking the Pill face no extra risk.

All the same, it is a good precaution to make sure that your body is free of all drugs before you get pregnant. It also helps to date the pregnancy if you have had one or two normal menstrual cycles before you conceive because this allows for good pregnancy care.

There is, however, some evidence that women who conceive while using spermicides, whether on their own or in combination with the diaphragm, cap or condom, run a slightly higher risk of a miscarriage (and, incidentally, also a greater chance of having a girl). It is obviously better to conceive when there are no traces of spermicide in the vagina. If you intend to try to conceive, it may be a good idea to ask your doctor to do a cervical smear and perhaps to take a swab to check that you do not have any vaginal infection, such as thrush, before you get pregnant. This will usually be done at your first prenatal appointment when you are pregnant anyway, but some women prefer not to have a vaginal examination in early pregnancy, especially if they have had a miscarriage or threatened miscarriage in the past. It also makes sense to clear up any infection before rather than after a pregnancy has begun.

Not Having Children

For all those who have delayed parenthood comes a moment of truth, a realization they have not made the decision to have a child and will therefore remain childless. Candace is 43. She says the timing has never been quite right for her to have a baby, although she has not ruled out the possibility altogether. “You have to be a realist and not a romantic about children. It’s easy to fantasize about having a baby … I’m not sure it’s right for me at the moment.”

The woman who at 43 has still not decided to have a baby will probably join the increasing numbers of women who are choosing never to have children. Recent statistics have shown a definite increase in the number of women choosing to remain childless. In I982, 4.9% of all women of childbearing age were voluntarily childless. By I995, the percentage had increased to 6.6%. (National Center for Health Statistics, I995) Although there is a shift towards later childbearing, statistics show that this increase in childlessness is likely to continue among younger women.

Aside from those who decide not to have children, there are those who want children very much and are unable to have them.

Tremendous advances have been made in infertility treatment over the past two decades. Of the nearly 5 million American couples who report difficulty or delays in achieving a live birth, I.3 million will receive medical advice or treatment for infertility. According to the American Medical Association Encyclopedia of Medicine (I989), professional treatment aids approximately half the women who seek help for fertility problems.

For those who have, for whatever reason, postponed having a baby into their mid- to late 30s, infertility can be a devastating blow. “I know it’s covered in the papers and I knew it was a risk, but I still didn’t think it would ever happen to me,” says Gina, 37. “After six months of trying I went to the doctor and he said, ‘Give it time. You’re not as fertile as you were. If you haven’t conceived in another six months we’ll do something.’ I hadn’t, so back to the doctor. He referred us to a clinic, but the first available appointment was three months away. Meanwhile, nothing happened. We had tests. They went on for months; each test had to be done only at the most fertile time of the month, so that took months to arrange. In the end they discovered I had blocked tubes, probably as a result of an appendicitis operation I had when I was a teenager. The discovery that there really was something wrong was appalling. I felt I only had about three years left.” Gina conceived two years later on her second attempt at IVF (in-vitro fertilization).

Many women find infertility is a terrible irony after years of using contraception. “I was on the Pill for I2 years. Then I discovered I had never ovulated to begin with. Those pregnancy scares I had when I’d taken chances before I went on the Pill, all those years of swallowing hormones-it all seemed so pointless. I was really angry and distressed.”

Rachel had always wanted children, but didn’t marry until she was 36. “We tried for a baby immediately. Nothing happened. After about nine months we started to do temperature charts. They seemed to show I was ovulating, and so then there was the awful business of trying to time sex for the most fertile time in my cycle. Those temperature charts started to dominate our sex lifePaul said he couldn’t stand being told when to perform. He thought I was being neurotic. Once he found out it wasn’t his sperm that were at fault, he lost interest in the whole process. I was devastated-if I didn’t have children, what else was there to look forward to?”

Those who remain childless, whether by choice or not, often find themselves put under considerable pressure by others. Questions such as, “So, when are you going to have a baby?” or

“Don’t you think it’s selfish not to have children?” are heard frequently. Some women do feel pressured into having a child by the outside world. “I had been putting it off and putting it off, and I’m not sure I really wanted a child. But then I thought, this is something almost everybody does. Will I feel I’ve missed something?” Pressure is put on women to have children by family and friends and, notoriously, by parents wanting grandchildren.

“My mother went on and on about having a grandchild and finally I said, ‘My career is important to me. If I have a baby, will you take care of it while I go back to work?’ She agreed-and it has worked out really well for us.” Others are not so lucky or do not give in to parental pressures. This can create a lot of stress in family relationships. “My mother complained about it so much, how unhappy I was making her, that she couldn’t see the point in life if she didn’t have grandchildren, that I started avoiding her.

New Sibling to the Family

Some women experience morning sickness. Others suffer drastic ups and downs in hormone levels. I had neither. Instead, I was the pregnant woman who worried about anything and everything for 10 whole months. There was one particular worry that ran through my brain over and over like a hamster on a treadmill: How was my seven-year-old stepson going to handle the change?

New Sibling My stepson was an only child, and while a baby brother or sister was always top on his Christmas and birthday wish lists, we weren’t really sure how he would react when his wish came true. At seven years old, an only child gets used to having the full attention of both his parents. We spent hours in the early days of my pregnancy discussing how we could help make a smooth transition and how we could involve our big boy in every aspect of welcoming baby into the family, starting with breaking the news.

When we finally decided to share the news of a new sibling, we crafted the moment and imagined his reaction. We brought him into the guest room and told him we needed his help; we wanted to paint the room but couldn’t decide on a color. He wanted orange, his favorite color du jour. We explained it depended who lived in the room. He furrowed his brow, as we scripted he would. “Who’s gonna live in our guest room?” he asked, again, as predicted. We led him through the rest of the conversation until he finally came to the right conclusion. “I’m getting a baby brother or sister!” he screamed. He screamed; I cried. It was all going so perfectly. We tried to lengthen the moment, but as with any seven year old, his attention span was minimal. After a few jumps up and down and hugs all around, he asked if he could go back to his cartoons. No, he didn’t have any questions, he said. “O.K.” Why did I ever worry?

We must have made the offer to answer questions a million times during the next six months. I worried I would have to explain where babies come from, and I did. I was relieved to learn that a simple explanation of love, decisions and doctors was enough to satisfy his curiosity. Whew! Of course, I worried I would have to go into more detail when baby came. Thank goodness, I did not.

I worried right up until the moment I went into labor. Fortunately our son was in school when it happened. I always feared I would go into labor in the middle of the night, and our son would have lasting resentment at being whisked off to a relative’s home in his sleep. I worried again after the baby was born, and my husband left to surprise the new brother at school.

I took a deep breath when our boy walked through the hospital door. His face lit up, and he ran to hug me. He hovered over his baby sister. He was in awe of every aspect of her smallness. He watched sweetly as I fed and burped her, and he held her so gently, it was as if his arms had been waiting for her forever. His voice immediately changed into a singsong replica of his own, cooing and talking away. “I love you, baby sister,” he said. It was at that moment, I knew I would never worry again.

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