Kids Beds

Kids Beds – Safe, Fun And Practical

Buying a bed for your child can seem a daunting task, as there is so much to choose from in the market today. Your child probably also has preferences, which can make it difficult to reach an agreement; but please don’t rush into buying just any bed. Some important things need to be in place first – after all, your child will be sleeping in that bed every night for many years and it will also be a dominant part of the furnishing of his or her room. Some basic considerations then:

Safety first – especially for loft beds and bunk beds
The safety and well being of your child is on your mind at all times, so don’t compromise that with a bad decision now. Kids beds should be structurally solid, having strong, rigid frames. Screws, nuts and bolts should be secure, as should brackets, fittings and mouldings of any kind. You don’t want a bed that feels rickety – ideally I would go for a bed that can support the weight of an adult without feeling unsafe. There should be no sharp edges or poorly sanded wood that might put splinters in little fingers. Inspect the bed visually for what might seem like potentially dangerous details, like places where children’s fingers, arms, legs or even heads might get stuck. Also check the documentation for the bed, to see if the manufacturer claims to conform to official safety standards or codes. Loft beds or bunk beds must be extra secure – here safety rails are a must. Ladders should have anti-slip surfaces on the steps, and the distance between steps should be fit for children. Safety first, my friends! I cannot stress this enough. You don’t want your child to be injured in its sleep – or while you are sleeping – do you?

The practical bed – storage beds, loft beds and captains beds
Kids rooms are often not the largest in the house, but kids still tend to amass incredible amounts of toys, laundry and inexplicable objects. This makes storage an issue in a childs room. Thankfully, the right bed can help matters along. Captains beds are beds with drawers underneath. Simple as that. This is a great way of making organized use of the space underneath the bed – which would otherwise be occupied by dust, half pairs of socks, and of course…monsters! Much better to put some drawers down there instead, fill them with some of the things currently lying on the floor – and your child will sleep better at night, knowing there is absolutely no space left for the boogieman under the bed. Loft beds take the concept further by freeing up floor space under the bed for practical use. Some types of loft beds have a desk and shelves underneath, making it a great place to do homework or draw superheroes or princesses. Speaking of practical – as your kids enter the teenage years, they may want a little more sleeping space, in which case a twin platform bed might satisfy.

The fun part – theme beds, car beds and novelty beds
This is where your kids get to say something. Beds can be so much more than simply something to sleep in, so let the imagination fly. Theme beds, or novelty beds, are beds that spark creativity and play in the daytime – and inspire dreams at night. There are beds decorated as pirate ships, castles, mansions and more. Some loft beds have slides attached, which, all other things equal, should make it easier to get up in the morning. Some beds have fantastic murals and friezes with drawings from everybody’s favourite fairytales – others might have cool displays of awesome earth-moving machines or trucks.

And why not? After you have made sure the bed is safe and practical, anything goes in terms of looks and features. The best kids bed is one that keeps you and your child happy and sleeping soundly.